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West High Yield Resources Objective is to bring into production one of the World's Largest and Most Economic deposit of High Grade, low cost Magnesium, West High Yield will be the Economic Heartbeat of British Columbia Creating hundreds of jobs to the interior Kootenays.

We have contained 10.6 Million Tonnes Our Magnesium produces No CO2 emissions, we are in a silicate Vs a carbonate. Environmentally it is the Friendliest and Greenest of the magnesium Family.

We have a competitive advantage because we have full Infrastructure in Place, Electricity, Roads, Natural Gas, and Water. We are 2 miles north of the U.S. Border with supporting Industries in close proximity and close to nearby rail hub and Port.

Magnesium Metal Ingots has over 100 applications / components due to light weight components of magnesium that lead to better fuel economy that reduces CO2 emissions. It's used in the Auto, Aerospace and Defense Industry, (aircrafts, vehicles, armor equipment). Consumer good industry:electronics, sporting industry and tool industry.

Magnesium Oxide produces magnesium wall board that is fireproof, smoke proof, waterproof, mold and mildew proof, and termite proof. It also reduces deforestation.

Magnesium Cement starts at 9000 psi – 45,000 psi making it last thousands of years, it absorbs CO2 emissions as it sets and cures. Environmentally friendly non-toxic cement. It requires 20-40% energy compared to traditional Portland / Inland Cement.

Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer to replenish magnesium minerals and nutrients to our agriculture industry. A Highly water soluble Magnesium Nitrate that can be applied as foliar feeding or through irrigation systems. Ideally suited for the use in the prevention and the correction of Magnesium deficiency in agriculture vegetables and plants.

Magnesium Batteries / secondary cell batteries are an active research topic, specifically as an alternative to lithium ion based battery chemistries. A solid magnesium anode allows a higher volumetric energy density than lithium, carrying two electrons per ion, display a volumetric capacity of 3833 mAh cm −3 vs. 2036 mAh cm −3 for Li metal, although its specific energy is under half that of lithium (18.8 MJ/kg vs. 42.3 MJ/kg). In comparison to metallic lithium anodes, magnesium anodes have not exhibited dendrite formation during charging, which may allow magnesium metal to be used without an intercalation compound at the anode; eliminating the intercalation layer raises the theoretical maximum relative volumetric energy density to around 5 times that of a lithium ion cell.


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